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October / 2012

Join Mobilize.Net and DevExpress at //Build/2012

Join Mobilize.Net and DevExpress at //Build/2012 on October 29 from 5pm til 8pm at K1 Speed in Redmond!

September / 2012

ArtinSoft Offers Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC) Modernization Tool for Visual Studio 2012

ArtinSoft’s VBUC helps customers migrate their code to .NET and ultimately to modern platforms such as mobile, cloud and Windows.

April / 2012

MSDN Webcast: Convert your WinForms to work with HTML5

ArtinSoft Corporation announced a new webcast with Microsoft showcasing their enhanced Visual Basic 6.0 and C# to Web migration solution. Entitled “Converting your .NET WindowsForms applications into HTML5”, the webcast will be conducted by Federico Zoufaly, ArtinSoft’s co-founder, and Mauricio Rojas, Migration Architect.

June / 2011

ArtinSoft and InnerWorkings establish a strategic alliance around .NET migrations

Sammamish, WA and San Francisco, CA - Jun 30, 2011 - ArtinSoft Corporation and InnerWorkings today announced a partnership that will result in a comprehensive offering aimed at accelerating customer migration to the Microsoft .NET platform

May / 2011

ArtinSoft releases an improved, easier to use edition of its VB to .NET conversion product

Sammamish, WA. - May 23, 2011 - ArtinSoft Corporation announced today the official release of the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC) v5.0, the latest version of the flagship tool that automatically converts Visual Basic 6.0 applications to both native VB.NET and C#, packed with more than 200 new features and enhancements

May / 2011

ArtinSoft to deliver interactive session on VB migration at Tech•Ed North America

ArtinSoft’s co-founder Federico Zoufaly will be leading an interactive discussion on Tuesday, May 17 at the Microsoft’s Tech • Ed North America conference. Entitled “Bringing Your Legacy Apps to the Future”, the session will spin around how to upgrade a Visual Basic 6.0 application, focusing on the preparation for the migration and tips to ensure a smooth process.

January / 2011

ArtinSoft and Synoverge establish strategic alliance around VB6 to .NET migrations

Sammamish, WA and Ahmedabad, India - January 20, 2011 - ArtinSoft Corporation and Synoverge Technologies today announced a partnership that will further expand the reach and scope of cost-effective software migration solutions, mainly for VB6 to .NET upgrade projects.

December / 2010

An interview with ArtinSoft’s CTO at DevConnections

Ivan Sanabria, ArtinSoft’s CTO, and Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy, chatted about how easy it can be to migrate mission critical applications from VB6 to C# or VB.NET, or directly to the cloud using Silverlight and Azure, with ArtinSoft’s proven solutions. The interview is part of the “Bites for MSDN” series, where influential community and Microsoft developers talk about mobile, the cloud, the client, and a variety of additional topics that they are passionate abo

July / 2010

ArtinSoft renews its efforts to ease the transition from Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to the Microsoft .NET Framework

SAN JOSE Costa Rica, July1st, 2010 - ArtinSoft announced today its support for companies and developers to better use their investments in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) applications by cost-effectively upgrading them to the Microsoft .NET Framework,Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) or Visual C#.

June / 2010

MSDN Webcast: Upgrading Applications from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Studio 2010

ArtinSoft Corporation announced a new webcast with Microsoft showcasing their recently-launched Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 4.0 and how it can used to easily migrate applications developed in Visual Basic 6.0 to both Visual Basic .NET and C# using the Visual Studio 2010 development system.

June / 2010

An improved, multilingual Visual Basic Upgrade Companion officially ships with support for Microsoft's latest technologies

ArtinSoft releases version 4.0 of the leading Visual Basic 6.0 to .NET migration product, which introduces plenty of new features to accelerate the migration process, increase generated code quality even further and delivers unique value to extend the life of legacy systems across all industries and geographies.

April / 2010

ArtinSoft unveils VBUC 4.0 to upgrade business critical applications with Visual Studio 2010 compatibility

Chesterfield, MO. - April 12, 2010 - The leading Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft .NET Framework migration product delivers unique value to extend the life of legacy systems across industries like healthcare, insurance and finance, that need to comply with regulations that encourage the move to supported platforms

September / 2009

Upcoming Webcast on VB 6 and Windows 7 Compatibility Alternatives

ArtinSoft Corporation announced a new webcast with Microsoft around the different options to get applications originally developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 running on the Windows 7 operating system.

August / 2009

Webinar on application modernization and achieving the Windows 7 compatibility logo (Spanish)

ArtinSoft Corporation announced today that they have partnered with Microsoft Latin America to deliver a new VB6 to .NET migration online event next Monday, August 17, 2009 at 17:00 (Mexico City, GMT -6).

July / 2009

New webcast on VB6 to .NET migration drivers and options

ArtinSoft Corporation announced today that they have partnered with Microsoft Corporation to deliver a new VB6 to .NET migration online event next Tuesday, August 04, 2009 at 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada). As premier level member of Microsoft's Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program, ArtinSoft will be broadcasting this presentation through the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).

May / 2009

VBUC 3.0: dramatically increasing productivity and code quality on VB to .NET migration projects

ArtinSoft Corporation announced today the release of version 3.0 of the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC), its flagship product for the automatic migration of VB6 applications to both VB.NET and C#.

March / 2009

ArtinSoft, Microsoft and Avanade to deliver exclusive webinar on VB to .NET migration options

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - March 23, 2009 - On Wednesday, April 15th ArtinSoft, Microsoft and Avanade will host an executive webinar focused on quick and cost-effective renewal methods for Visual Basic 6.0 applications.

February / 2009

Tom Button Joins ArtinSoft Board of Directors

ArtinSoft announced today that software development strategist Tom Button has joined the company as a Board Member and product development consultant.

January / 2009

ArtinSoft Partners with Microsoft and Avanade for UK Commercial Campaign

ArtinSoft, leading provider of automated software transformation technology, has engaged with Microsoft and Avanade on a campaign targeted at both individual developers and enterprise customers in the UK to help them migrate their Visual Basic 6.0 applications in a fast and cost-effective manner.

January / 2009

ArtinSoft and Syntel Formalize Strategic Alliance

Redmond, WA and Troy, MI - January 28, 2009 - ArtinSoft Corporation and Syntel, Inc. today announced a new partnership agreement to provide cost-effective software migration solutions for customers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

December / 2008

Carlos Araya Among Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2008

In its latest issue, Costa Rica's leading business newspaper El Financiero chose ArtinSoft Research CEO Dr. Carlos Araya Rodríguez as one of the 15 most important entrepreneurs of 2008.

November / 2008

ArtinSoft Bets on User Empowerment With Customizable Version of its VB to .NET Migration Tool

ArtinSoft Corporation announced today the release of version 2.2 of its flagship automated tool for migrating from VB6 to the .NET Framework, the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC). After an extensive six-month process of pioneering research and development, several powerful new features, along with enhancements to the existing ones, are now available for customers worldwide.

October / 2001

ArtinSoft Finds New Ally in South American Ground

ArtinSoft, global provider of software migration services, and Emmsa Consulting, leader in systems development and implementation, today announced the formalization of a strategic alliance to expand coverage of ArtinSoft's solutions across South American markets.

October / 2008

ArtinSoft Presents Aggiorno, a Powerful Tool that Maximizes Website Efficiency

Redmond, WA. - October 5 2008 - ArtinSoft Corp. today announced the release of Aggiorno (, a web assistant tool that analyzes websites and performs an outstanding number of time-saving code transformations. Aggiorno improves the quality and reach of websites without affecting content or code indentation.

August / 2008

ArtinSoft to Co-host Webinar on Moving to .NET Through Automated Migration

ArtinSoft and recently signed partner CIBER Inc. have joined forces to broadcast a one-hour webinar that will explore the alternatives available for modernizing or transforming legacy applications, with a focus on lower cost, low-risk software migration options.

June / 2008

UK Microsoft's Eric Nelson Interviews Roberto Leitón

On June 10, ArtinSoft's CEO Roberto Leitón was interviewed by Eric Nelson, an Application Architect in Microsoft UK that has spent the last 12 years working with UK ISVs to help them explore and adopt the latest development technologies. In this interview, Leitón tells Nelson how he first got involved with Microsoft and the VB migration business, and why rewrite might cause more harm than actual help to companies seeking to evolve their legacy systems.

June / 2008

CIBER and ArtinSoft Team to Convert Mission-Critical Software for Leading Midwest Insurance Company

CIBER, Inc., (NYSE: CBR) of Denver, CO, a global provider of information technology (IT) services, and ArtinSoft of San Jose, Costa Rica, a software firm specializing in conversion / migration tools and services, have collaborated to complete the conversion of a mission-critical Human Resources (HR) software application for a leading Midwest insurance company.

June / 2008

Upcoming Tool That Makes ASP.NET Sites More Findable and Accessible Now in Open Beta

Today Artinsoft Corp. announced the release of the second public beta of Aggiorno, an extension to both Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, through the Visual Studio Integration Program (VSIP), that brings expert knowledge and productivity to web developers.

April / 2008

ArtinSoft Announces Revamped Version of NET. Migration Tool

ArtinSoft, the innovative provider of automated software transformation technology, introduced this week the all-new version of its leading product, Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC 2.0), aimed at converting legacy systems to the .NET platform.

March / 2008

ArtinSoft Researcher Takes Part in Renowned A.I. Event in Germany

One of ArtinSoft's most notorious and experienced researchers, Dr. Carlos Loría-Sáenz, joined several experts from the Artificial Intelligence field at this year's 'Deduktionstreffen' (Deduction Meeting), where they shared their scientific contributions in an informal, friendly environment.

January / 2007

ArtinSoft and Vision Consulting Formalize Partnership

A new commercial alliance was established in January, when ArtinSoft and Vision Consulting decided to unite efforts as part of a strategy to expand ArtinSoft's automated software migration solutions in Latin America, more specifically, in Mexico.

January / 2008

Meet ArtinSoft's Dazzling New Product: Aggiorno

After over a year of intensive work and driven by a vision of perpetual innovation, ArtinSoft has officially unveiled the first details of Aggiorno, a new, revolutionary product aimed at changing the way web developers work.

November / 2007

Costa Rica: A Hidden High-Tech Gem for Sourcing Opportunities

Costa Rica has rapidly become a growing pocket of high-tech expertise in Central America due to its investments in education and development, Purchasing Magazine is reporting in this month's issue. The magazine, known for providing chief procurement officers with the latest market forecasts, technologies and supply chain tactics, selected Costa Rica as part of its "When Doing Business in." series, which focuses on the benefits, dos and don'ts of the hottest spots in the sourcing universe.

October / 2007

Costa Rican Tech Firms Growing Strong in Silicon Valley

ArtinSoft's ground-breaking technology for automated software migrations has earned the company a privilege spot in Silicon Valley, business daily La República highlighted this week. The newspaper dedicated a two-page article to Costa Rican IT companies doing business in the U.S., and emphasized on the ability of these organizations to remain strong and up-to-date in such a hyper-competitive environment.

October / 2007

Business News Americas Reveals ArtinSoft's Expansion Strategy

Online magazine Business News America (BNA) recently highlighted ArtinSoft's outstanding growth in 2007 and exposed the strategy that will keep the momentum going within the next two years. During a recent interview with CEO Roberto Leitón, BNA learned that the company aims to increase licensing sales to 50% of total revenue within two years from 20% today, driven by the increasing demand for Artinsoft's migration solutions.

October / 2007

ArtinSoft assists Microsoft's ISVs at High Performance Computing Event

During the month of August, ArtinSoft expert Christian Saborío assisted Microsoft during a High Performance Computing Deep Dive. This event is targeted towards Microsoft customers and partners who are working in evolving their application so that it works with Microsoft Compute Cluster Edition.

September / 2007

ArtinSoft Lands Contract with Banamex

Costa Rican software migration solutions provider Artinsoft has signed its largest contract to date with Banamex, one of Mexico's leading banks and part of international financing conglomerate Citigroup. The contract was signed in mid-August and calls for Artinsoft to migrate 150+ applications developed over Microsoft's Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft's .NET language.

September / 2007

ArtinSoft Unveils Spanish Version of Corporate Website

ArtinSoft has launched a new mini-site in Spanish ( to offer a wider range of information options for potential clients around the globe. This comes as a result of an ambitious program to create a series of landing pages in several languages, aimed at people and organizations that are looking for software migration solutions and do not necessarily use search phrases in English.

September / 2007

First local VBUC Lab Comes to a Succesful End

As part of an initiative to expand and evangelize as many possible national partners in the advantages and benefits of using ArtinSoft's Visual Basic Upgrade Companion, experts Andrés García and Stephen Murillo recentely delivered a 5-day training at the company's headquarters in San José.

May / 2007

New Virtualization Lab Scheduled for Singapore

Virtualization proved to be one of the hottest trends in the IT industry today, as ArtinSoft experts could confirm during the widely recognized Virtualization tour, which so far has included training labs in Redmond, Munich, Reading, Singapore, Paris and Zaragoza. This series of innovative labs, designed to provide developers with a 3-day learning experience using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2, has been welcomed with enthusiastic reviews from the attendants.

May / 2007

ArtinSoft Announces New Linc to Java Migration Solution

ArtinSoft Corp. announced today a new software migration solution to convert Unisys Linc applications to Java. Built with ArtinSoft's proprietary Freedomr technology, the new automated Linc conversion tool allows you to take advantage of the robust, modern, and open J2EE platform. ArtinSoft offers a comprehensive solution designed to meet your Linc migration needs so you can leverage new and powerful Java features within your applications, lowering maintenance costs and expanding your service.

December / 2006

Trail-Blazing ArtinSoft Training to Travel the Globe

Starting this December, ArtinSoft virtualization experts will begin a worldwide Virtualization Technology tour for Microsoft to teach developers around the world how to take advantage of Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2. ArtinSoft has developed an exclusive series of innovative, hands-on labs designed specifically to exploit this new, trail-blazing technology.

October / 2006

Renowned Microsoft Professional Rick LaPlante Joins ArtinSoft Research Team

San José, Costa Rica. Highly respected software professional Rick LaPlante, recently retired from Microsoft, has joined the ArtinSoft team as board member and research collaborator. Mr. LaPlante, who has extensive experience in the IT industry, is widely known for his contributions both in and outside of Microsoft in the software development field.

October / 2006

ArtinSoft and Microsoft Announce New Webcast on VB6 to .NET 2005 Migration Methodology

Are you interested in learning more about the issues surrounding a successful and swift migration from Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2005? ArtinSoft has prepared a new, dynamic webcast presentation demonstrating a complete and proven methodology to semi-automatically upgrade a Microsoft VB6 project to .NET.

September / 2006

CNN Heralds Costa Rican IT Industry

For its weekly special commentary entitled "Comentario Semanal," CNN en Español enlisted Georgetown University Financial Analyst Ricardo Earnst to explain why the Costa Rican economy is an example for the rest of Latin America to follow. Citing the latest Latin Business Index, Earnst highlights the dynamism and success of the IT industry in Costa Rica, its exceptional capability of attracting foreign direct investment, and the momentum created by progressive government policies.

July / 2006

ECO News Announces New ArtinSoft Partnership Agreements to Distribute Automatic Migration Technology in South America

During its weekly feature focusing on technology and finance issues, ECO News announced the strategic technological alliance between ArtinSoft and sister Sistems Integrators DISC Software Engineering and Andes2000 in Chile, aimed at eradicating software obsolescence in the Southern Cone and across Latin America. The report stresses the importance of the partnerships amid a rapidly growing trend in the region that heralds corporate and technological innovation through the adoption of open technological platforms such as Microsoft's .NET.

June / 2006

ArtinSoft Forges Strategic Alliance with Sister System Integrators DISC and Andes2000 in South America's Southern Cone

Santiago, Chile -June 28, 2006- As part of its initiative to expand its business offering and position differentiated migration solutions and products worldwide, ArtinSoft, with support form Microsoft Chile, has signed a partnership agreement with Andes 2000 and DISC Software Engineering, leading Systems Integrators in Chile. The partnership's main objective is to eradicate software obsolescence by facilitating companies and institutions in the South American region a simple and effici

June / 2006

Revamped ArtinSoft Partner Program Aims to Provide Migration Solutions to Organizations Across the Globe Through Dynamic Alliances

Herndon, Virginia -June 19, 2006 - ArtinSoft Corp. has officially re-launched its Partner Program with the aim of expanding its operations to provide companies and institutions around the world the latest, sate-of-the-art migration products and services by forging mutually beneficial alliances with leading Systems Integrators across the globe.

June / 2006

ArtinSoft CEO Dr. Carlos Araya Selected as One of the Most Successful Business Executives in Central America by SUMMA Magazine

San José, Costa Rica -June 15, 2006- ArtinSoft founder and CEO Dr. Carlos Araya was chosen as one of the most successful and respected executives in Central America by SUMMA Magazine --Central America's leading business news magazine-- for its June 2006 issue. The special edition, which features the 100 "biggest, most successful, most prestigious, and most innovative" entrepreneurs in the region, hit newsstands across Central America this month as a collector's issue.

June / 2006

ArtinSoft and Microsoft to Hold Series of Webcasts on Opportunities Surrounding 64-bit Computing

San José, Costa Rica -June 13, 2006- As 64-bit computing becomes more common, many organizations are updating their applications to take advantage of the increased resources and scalability of 64-bit platforms. ArtinSoft and Microsoft have prepared a series of webcasts to address the issues and opportunities surrounding this new platform. The webcasts will be presented by ArtinSoft professionals starting June 14th and can be seen on MSDN.

June / 2006

ArtinSoft and Microsoft LATAM Announce a New Series of Webcasts Designed to Help you with Visual Basic Migrations

San José, Costa Rica -June 1, 2006- Learn more about the issues surrounding a successful migration to Visual Basic .NET first-hand from renowned ArtinSoft professionals! Microsoft MSDN Latin America is hosting a series of webcasts brought to you by ArtinSoft, the recognized worldwide leader in software migration, designed to help you face Visual Basic migrations quickly and effectively. The first webcast is scheduled for Friday, June 2nd.

June / 2006

La República: ArtinSoft Triumphs in the International IT Market

San José, Costa Rica -June 1, 2006- As part of its special weekly publication on current technology and business issues, Costa Rica's most respected business daily, La República, published a feature article on two successful Costa Rican software companies that have been able to achieve success by exporting their products and services abroad: ArtinSoft and Avantica. The article, entitled "Global Champions," cites ArtinSoft's evolution from a small Costa Rican software company into a global leader in the international technology market.

May / 2006

ECO News Emphasizes Importance of ArtinSoft-PRIDES Alliance for the Costa Rican IT Industry

As part of its ongoing coverage on technology issues in Costa Rica, ECO News, a private, highly-respected all-news radio station, announced the strategic technological alliance between ArtinSoft and Grupo PRIDES. The report aired several times and was picked up by other news outlets. The story stresses the importance of the alliance as an opportunity for Costa Rican public and private institutions to modernize their technological platforms.

May / 2006

New Migration Guide by ArtinSoft and Microsoft at a Bookstore Near You

Herndon, VA -May 5, 2006- The latest, most current, and most comprehensive migration guide on the market, ArtinSoft and Microsoft's Upgrading Visual Basic 6.0 Applications to Visual Basic .NET and Visual Basic 2005 is already available for purchase at a bookstore near you. Booksellers tout ArtinSoft as "a company with vast experience in Visual Basic upgrades and the developer of the Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard and the Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard Companion."

May / 2006

New business alliance between ArtinSoft and PRIDES helps consolidate Costa Rica as the new IT hotspot in Latin America

San José, Costa Rica -May 22, 2006- Costa Rican institutions and businesses now have the opportunity to modernize their technological platform to offer Web services to their clients and users as a result of a strategic business alliance between ArtinSoft Corp. and Grupo PRIDES S.A. This alliance stands out in Latin America because both companies are global pioneers in their respective technological areas.

May / 2006

ArtinSoft Spotlighted on CNBC's Primetime Newsmagazine "On the Money"

New York, New York -May 5, 2006- ArtinSoft Corp. was featured in a recent story as an outstanding software company working out of Costa Rica on CNBC's primetime newsmagazine "On the Money." As part of an ongoing special report on the growing, international business opportunities available in Costa Rica, CNBC interviewed ArtinSoft's Federico Zoufaly to profile Costa Rica as the new international IT hotspot for multinational software companies.

May / 2006

ArtinSoft Announces New Informix to Web Solution thru AJAX

Herndon, VA -May 5, 2006- ArtinSoft Corp. announced today a new, proven software migration solution to convert your I4GL through AJAX. This new service allows you to web-enable your Informix application based on a Thin-Client. AJAX, a set of different technologies put together, allows the validation of both fields and flexible input-fields sequencing rapidly and effectively -no need for entire pages to reload.

May / 2006

ArtinSoft CEO Carlos Araya Captures Audience's Interest During PARC Forum Presentation

Palo Alto, California -May 2, 2006- ArtinSoft CEO Dr. Carlos Araya, with support from Dr. Carlos Loría, Director of Research and Development at ArtinSoft, impressed the crowd during a presentation at the famed Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) entitled "Migrating Legacy Software to New Technologies" this past Thursday, April 27th in the George E. Pake Auditorium.

April / 2006

ArtinSoft CEO Carlos Araya to Speak at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

Palo Alto, California -April 26, 2006- ArtinSoft CEO Carlos Araya and Carlos Loría, Director of Research and Development at ArtinSoft, will give a presentation at the famed Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) entitled "Migrating Legacy Software to New Applications" this Thursday, April 27th in the George E. Pake Auditorium. The presentation will focus on technology and processes that can be used to cope with the migration as well as the re-architecture of legacy code in a cost-efficient way.

April / 2006

Webcast - Migration from Java/J2EE to .NET- Driving New Opportunities

Explains how ISVs with products on the Java/J2EE platform can increase revenues, reduce costs, and lower time-to-market by making these solutions available on Microsoft technologies.

April / 2006

Costa Rica - a Latin tiger?

Published online for, this article profiles Costa Rica's conversion from a largely farm-based economy to a tech-led one, highlights the country's increasing importance as a center for investment, and focuses on the emergence of this Central American nation as the preferred "near-sourcing" destination for transnational IT corporations such as Microsoft and Intel. The article quotes ArtinSoft's Roberto Leitón.

March / 2006

Costa Rica Rides High-Tech Wave

In this recent article published in the LA Times, ArtinSoft's Roberto Leitón discusses Costa Rica's emergence as the new technological destination for international software firms, thanks to the country's lower costs, educated and bilingual workforce, political stability, tax breaks, and proximity to the United States.

March / 2006

ArtinSoft's Dynamic Human Resources Department Featured in Latest Issue of EKA Magazine

As part of its March issue, EKA magazine, one of the leading business magazines in Central America, published an interview with Tatiana Lizano, head of ArtinSoft's Human Resources Department.

March / 2006

ArtinSoft Invited to Speak at the Upcoming Microsoft Architect Forum in Santiago, Chile

ArtinSoft has been invited to speak at the upcoming Microsoft Architect Forum to be held in Santiago, Chile, on March 31st. The event will focus on application migration processes, and will include speeches from experts from highly-renowned IT companies such as Microsoft and DTS Latin America.

February / 2006

Bill Gates Urges European Government Agencies to Modernize and Upgrade Their IT Departments

Microsoft founder and CEO Bill Gates underscored the importance of modernizing government IT systems to offer e-services and simplify operations during his keynote address at the Microsoft Government Leaders Forum Europe 2006 in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently, most government agencies in Europe and around the world cannot compete globally and run on aging legacy systems.

March / 2006

ArtinSoft Mentioned as Worldwide Leader in Outsourcing and Migration Services During 3rd Annual Costa Rica Technology Insight

ArtinSoft Corp. was cited as an exemplary IT company with a great business model worthy of emulating during the launching of a new business initiative by several private and public organizations in Costa Rica.

February / 2006

ArtinSoft Receives Certification from Microsoft's Quality & Competitiveness Program for its Strategic Partner Companies

ArtinSoft Corp. received today an official certification for the quality of its business practices from Microsoft's Quality & Competitiveness (Q&C) Program at the first annual Q&C event in Costa Rica, held at the National Museum of Costa Rican Art. ArtinSoft's Marco Astúa was one of two keynote speakers at Microsoft's exclusive launching of its Q&C Program in the country, directed at CEOs of Microsoft's Latin American business partners.

March / 2006

With ArtinSoft's Help, Mercy Ships Sails Forward

After seeking out ArtinSoft to migrate its Informix 4GL-based JBuilder to Java, the organization has been able to upgrade its systems, make them more flexible, and take advantage of advanced user interfaces. The code genarated by ArtinSoft has been the enabler to the continued evolution of the application through the use of the most modern development tools like JBuilder.

March / 2006

Nothing Lost in the Translation

Interview published in the XML Online Journal of Federico Zoufaly, CTO and cofounder of ArtinSoft, covering the company's solutions and products to migrate Java to C#. The article highlights ArtinSoft's mission to provide developers with a choice in languages, libraries, and frameworks.

March / 2006

Microsoft Launches NXT to Spur ISVs to Windows

Through delivery partners such as ArtinSoft, Microsoft launches its new program for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), offering incentives and resources to help those ISVs quickly port their applications from Unix or Linux to Windows or from competitive databases to SQL Server.

February / 2006

ArtinSoft Announces VB to .NET and Windows 64-bit Migration Training Sessions

Herndon, VA - February 10, 2006 - ArtinSoft Corp. today announced the availability of a series of migration training sessions, under the ArtinSoft TrainingT brand and is starting with two offerings aimed at companies making the transition from Windows 32-bit to 64-bit or moving to the Microsoft .NET Framework from Visual Basic 6.

January / 2006

Getting started: Tips for VB6 to VB.NET 2.0 migration

Many Windows development groups have gained .NET expertise over recent years taking a variety of approaches to new projects. But for some organizations, the sheer breadth of deployed VB6 (and earlier) code has caused a delay in moving to .NET.

January / 2006

Podcast: Assessing the VB6 Assessment Tool

Federico Zoufaly promotes automated migration to .NET for significant investments in legacy apps. Federico also discusses the advanced ArtinSoft VB Companion tool.(MP3, 16:23 mins.)

January / 2006

Podcast: Migration in the Large

Federico Zoufaly of ArtinSoft discusses the unique challenges in migrating large VB6 applications to .NET including a real life example of a 5 million line VB6 application that was successfully ported by a client. (MP3, 16:23 mins.)

January / 2006

Podcast: Ready-Set-Go! Your VB6 Migration

Federico Zoufaly of Artinsoft discusses its Ready-Set-Go! methodology for migrating VB6 applications to .NET and how its extensive experience with migration was a key reason Microsoft selected Artinsoft to develop the VB6 Upgrade Wizard and provide key guidance in the VB6 Migration Guide. Learn how to approach migration as a systematic and thoughtful manner to ensure success. (MP3, 17:23 mins.)

January / 2006

Podcast: The Wizard of the VB6 Upgrade Wizard

Federico Zoufaly of Artinsoft, the developers of the Microsoft VB6 Upgrade Wizard, describes the benefits of iterative upgrading -- refactoring your VB6 code each time to refine the result from the wizard. He also digs into the internals and improvements of the VS 2005 Upgrade Wizard. (MP3, 16:45 mins.)

December / 2005

ArtinSoft Announces C# to Visual Basic .NET Migration Solution

Industry leader in automated software transformation technology and services adds support for C# to Visual Basic .NET conversions to its expanding portfolio

September / 2005

ArtinSoft and Summit Software Announce Agreement to Provide VSTA Migration Services to VBA Partners

Artinsoft Corp. and Summit Software Company today announced an agreement to provide ArtinSoft's migration technology and expertise to ISVs who have integrated Microsoft VBA into their products.

March / 2005

Convert VBA Code to Visual Basic .NET When Migrating to Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office

Convert code from Visual Basic for Applications to Visual Basic .NET when migrating to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System. This document highlights the reasons to migrate, the major code conversion issues, and additional resources for further details.

December / 2004

Microsoft Posts New SQL Server 2005 Preview

Microsoft on Friday released its second Community Technical Preview for the long-awaited SQL Server 2005 database. And in what appears to be counterprogramming for the annual Oracle OpenWorld confab next week, Microsoft also talked up a new ArtinSoft Oracle migration tool designed to ease customer transitions to the current SQL Server 2000 from competing databases.

December / 2004

ArtinSoft announces automated solutions for migrating from Oracle to Microsoft Sql Server

ArtinSoft, the innovative provider of Freedomr automated software transformation technology and services, today announced two new products to ease migrations from the Oracler database to Microsoft SQL Server. The company also introduced new services offerings that combine these products with established best practices to deliver low-risk turnkey database conversion projects.

July / 2004

WebCast - Challenges of Migrating from Oracle PL/SQL to Microsoft T/SQL

Microsoftr supplies utilities to transfer the schema and data from Oracle databases to SQL ServerT, but the embedded PL/SQL code and business logic make these migrations complex. In this webcast we will outline the key differences and explore approaches for migrating your PL/SQL code to Transact-SQL.

July / 2004

WebCast - Proven Techniques to Tackle Migration Projects from J2EE to .NET

Migrating a large J2EE application to the .NET Framework seems like a daunting challenge. In this webcast we will explore the complete context of a migration project, including best practices, recommendations and available utilities for moving J2EE applications to .NET.

May / 2004

ArtinSoft Announces JLCA Companion

This exciting product seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and version 3.0 of the Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA). The Companion is designed to accelerate the migration of applications from Java/J2EE to the .NET Framework.

April / 2004

Maritz Travel - ArtinSoft, Case Study

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Maritz Travel is the global leader in meeting, event and incentive travel management. Find out how they migrated their J2EE application to a fully transformed application, readily functional in the .NET Framework.

April / 2004

PL/SQL Assessment Tool

The PL/SQL Assessment Tool , developed by ArtinSoft under a contract from Microsoft, is a free download. This wizard-based tool requests basic information about the database to be analyzed and then produces a series of reports on all the business logic captured within the database packages, procedures, and triggers.

February / 2004

PHP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant 1.0

The PHP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant is designed to help you convert PHP pages and applications to ASP.NET. It does not make the conversion process completely automatic, but it will speed up your project by automating some of the steps required for migration.

February / 2004

ASP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant 1.0

The ASP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant is designed to help you convert ASP pages and applications to ASP.NET. It does not make the conversion process completely automatic, but it will speed up your project by automating some of the steps required for migration.

August / 2003

CBCR Ports Critical App to .NET

The secret to CBCR's success was prepping the code base properly and bringing in outside expertise on .NET porting. It took work to migrate the application - but a lot less effort that it would have taken to completely rewrite it.

August / 2003

Artinsoft listed in ComputerWorld

ArtinSoft's products got listed along the list of "Tools for tracking, managing, describing and searching reusable assets" in the ComputerWorld's website.

July / 2003

Microsoft Releases Java Language Conversion Assistant 2.0

When Random House Inc. and Infusion Development Corp. wanted to simplify the maintenance and reduce the licensing costs of the Web site associated with the CodeNotes book series, they ported the site from JSP to ASP.NET with the help of the JLCA 2.0.

June / 2003

Should You Migrate VB6 Apps to .NET?

Federico Zoufaly is vice president of operations at ArtinSoft, the company Microsoft contracted with to write the .NET migration tool that ships with Visual Studio .NET. Patrick Meader, VSM editor in chief, talks to Zoufaly about the challenges of migrating applications from VB6 to VB.NET.

June / 2003

Skeptical VB developers overcoming .NET challenges

In 1999, when Microsoft determined that backward compatibility between Visual Basic .NET and Visual Basic 6.0 would be broken, the company brought in migration specialists ArtinSoft to help bring Visual Basic customers into the new environment as painlessly as possible.

April / 2003

Microsoft Partners Rally Around Visual Studio .Net 2003

The new ArtinSoft consulting service offerings enable customers to convert applications written in Visual J++ 6.0-to-Visual Studio .NET 2003, Java Server Pages (JSP)-to-ASP.NET, Java-to-Visual C# .NET or Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-to-Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the .NET Framework.

April / 2003

ArtinSoft announces Service Offerings for Developers to convert from Java to the .NET Framework

Consulting service options available immediately for customers converting applications to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003.

February / 2003

ArtinSoft announces Service Packages for Developers to migrate to Visual Basic .NET

Ready-Set-Go 2 .NET offers options for customers interested in upgrading to VB .NET in a Visual Studio .NET 2003 environment.

September / 2002

Central Bank of Costa Rica moves Critical Banking Application to Microsoft .NET Technologies

Microsoft Corp. and ArtinSoft Corp., the leading provider of automatic migration and conversion tools, today announced that the Central Bank of Costa Rica successfully migrated its interbank electronic payments and transaction system (SINPE) to Microsoftr .NET technologies.

August / 2002

JUMP to .NET Strategy Overview

Microsoft Corporation recently announced public beta availability of the second part of the Java User Migration Path to Microsoft .NET (JUMP to .NET) strategy, the Microsoft Java Language Conversion Assistant Beta 2. The Java Language Conversion Assistant Beta 2 is a tool that automatically converts existing Java-language source code into the C# programming language for developers who want to move their existing applications to the Microsoft .NET Framework.

July / 2001

Microsoft and ArtinSoft announce Strategic Alliance to simplify Upgrade To Visual Studio .NET

Microsoft Corp. and ArtinSoft, the industry leader in enterprise migration and upgrade technologies, today announced a strategic alliance to help developers interested in building XML Web services with Microsoftr Visual Studior .NET and the .NET Framework.