ArtinSoft Finds New Ally in South American Ground

10/21/2001 ArtinSoft Update /

ArtinSoft, global provider of software migration services, and Emmsa Consulting, leader in systems development and implementation, today announced the formalization of a strategic alliance to expand coverage of ArtinSoft's solutions across South American markets.

The decision is expected to benefit several businesses in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, which from now on will be able to move their applications to more functional and easy to maintain platforms in a smooth and cost-effective manner, while preserving the embedded knowledge from years of human and technological investment. This is made possible by using the automated tools designed by ArtinSoft and distributed by Emmsa Consulting, such as the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion.

The relationship between the two firms started when one of Emmsa's largest customers needed to migrate one of its mission-critical applications to Microsoft's .NET development environment. After a thorough analysis, Emmsa selected ArtinSoft to take charge of the project, which includes the conversion of more than one million lines of code written in Visual Basic 6 to. NET.

Emmsa Consulting was founded in 1992 in response to the growing demand for systems development services. Today the company holds a leadership position in Argentina, with a remarkably loyal customer portfolio.