ECO News Announces New ArtinSoft Partnership Agreements to Distribute Automatic Migration Technology in South America

7/3/2006 ArtinSoft News /

During its weekly feature focusing on technology and finance issues, ECO News announced the strategic technological alliance between ArtinSoft and sister Sistems Integrators DISC Software Engineering and Andes2000 in Chile, aimed at eradicating software obsolescence in the Southern Cone and across Latin America. The report stresses the importance of the partnerships amid a rapidly growing trend in the region that heralds corporate and technological innovation through the adoption of open technological platforms such as Microsoft's .NET.

In the report, Federico Zoufaly, Vice President of Business Development at ArtinSoft, explains that through these alliances, ArtinSoft expects to successfully position its products and solutions "in the South American market programmatically and continually" --the alliance is backed by Microsoft Chile, and through it, ArtinSoft plans to expand operations into Brazil and Argentina.

To hear the news report, which aired in Spanish, Click Here (MP3 Format 430 KB).