New business alliance between ArtinSoft and PRIDES helps consolidate Costa Rica as the new IT hotspot in Latin America

5/22/2006 ArtinSoft Press Release /

San José, Costa Rica -May 22, 2006- Costa Rican institutions and businesses now have the opportunity to modernize their technological platform to offer Web services to their clients and users as a result of a strategic business alliance between ArtinSoft Corp. and Grupo PRIDES S.A. This alliance stands out in Latin America because both companies are global pioneers in their respective technological areas.

As part of the growing trend to offer services through state-of-the-art technology in the region, the alliance forges the best of two Costa Rican technological companies. "Through a mutual cooperation, we wish to provide all Latin American companies and institutions an opportunity to modernize their systems quickly, safely, and economically," stated Roberto Leitón, Project Manager at ArtinSoft. "Our vision is to help Costa Rica become a leader in the IT field at a regional and international level."

As a result of the alliance, PRIDES is the first company in Costa Rica authorized to perform software migrations using technologies developed by ArtinSoft. "With ArtinSoft's help and support, we will be able to help both public institutions and private enterprises offer top-notch services to their clients and users through state-of-the-art technology," emphasized Manuel Ramos, Business Manager, PRIDES.

Costa Rica, the new IT hotspot

In various media outlets around the world, Costa Rica has received a growing amount of attention regarding information and communications technology. In publications such as The Los Angeles Times and television networks like CNBC, Costa Rica has been heralded as the new international mecca for the tech sector in Latin America and around the world.

Without a doubt, Costa Rica is rapidly becoming a source for technological innovation and implementation, with ArtinSoft and PRIDES leading the way. These companies offer innovative, state-of-the-art technology for the international IT industry of today. "These kinds of alliances strengthen the IT market in Costa Rica," commented Rosalía Morales, Executive Director of the Costa Rican Chamber of Information and Communications Technology (CAMTIC).

For Morales, what stands out the most regarding this alliance, coupled with the initiative by the new administration of Don Oscar Arias to digitalize all government services, is that technology is becoming one of the country's top priorities. "This new tendency is definitely of public interest; institutions have the obligation to implement digitalization projects," said Morales.

The first project to be carried out by the alliance will be the migration of an Emergency Information Application for the Costa Rican Institute of Insurance (INS). Other companies and institutions throughout Latin America are already planning software migration projects through this new alliance.

"This first project is based on the success and quality that both ArtinSoft and PRIDES have offered their clients around the world in the past," mentioned Ramos. "We envision a Costa Rica that takes advantage of technology to improve the lives of its citizens."

Technological alliance

This technological alliance was the result of a need by some institutions in Central America to modernize their existing software applications, which are written in legacy languages. ArtinSoft and PRIDES combine their experiences and offer the regional market the option to modernize their IT operations. The alliance will provide companies and institutions in Latin America a viable option to migrate their applications to more modern technologies to offer new services, lower maintenance costs, and become more competitive.

The impact at a regional level will be broad, because the alliance, 100 per cent Costa Rican, will enable the migration of mission-critical applications developed in Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET at a lower cost and in less time than with other migration options available in the market today.


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