ArtinSoft announces Service Packages for Developers to migrate to Visual Basic .NET

2/11/2003 ArtinSoft /

In conjunction with the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003®, ArtinSoft, the leading provider of enterprise software transformation solutions, today announced a new services package that will allow customers to migrate applications written in Visual Basic 6.0 to VB .NET. The only services package in the market of its kind, Ready-Set-Go 2 .NET®, is divided into three options: VB.NET Ready®, VB .NET Set® and VB.NET Go®. Customers can select one of three options that best suits their immediate needs: instruction, consulting services or full migration.

Ready-Set-Go 2 .NET options

VB.NET Ready – VB.NET Ready is ideal for customers with limited IT resources. Customers can select from 23 instructional classes where for three days, they receive customized, hands-on training, followed by two days of consulting from one of ArtinSoft’s senior upgrade engineers.

VB .NET Set – For customers with an sufficient resources in IT, VB .NET Set provides customers with support and project management for the upgrade of a mission-critical VB application, including one month of on-site consultancy by one of ArtinSoft’s senior upgrade engineers.

VB .NET Go – Customers with IT resources readily available have two choices with VB.NET Go: receive a fully migrated application from ArtinSoft, or receive project management and technical support from ArtinSoft until the application is fully migrated. With its proprietary automatic transformation engine - Freedom technology® - and its consulting expertise, ArtinSoft can help ensure a successful migration with 100 percent accuracy.

“In talking to customers, we realized that different levels of needs exist in migrating to VB.NET,” explains Dr. Carlos Araya, CEO of ArtinSoft. “Providing a critical step in the migration to Visual Studio .Net 2003, Ready-Set-Go 2 .NET offers customers a precise menu for upgrading a functional application to VB .NET.”

In a separate announcement, ArtinSoft also today announced the availability of the updated and fully compatible WinFormsToWeb Conversion Assistant, maximizing and quickening an application’s migration from Windows Forms to ASP.NET Web Forms.

Pricing and Availability
All programs are available in North America, Latin America and Europe.
VB .NET Ready – starts at US$5,000
VB .NET Set – starts at US$20,000
VB .NET Go – cost depends on the size of the application to be upgraded: starts at US$20,000 per developer-month