ArtinSoft Announces JLCA Companion

5/24/2004 ArtinSoft /

ArtinSoft, the industry leader in automated software transformation technology and services, today announced the availability of the JLCA Companion™. This new product integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET 2003 and its Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA) version 3.0, created by ArtinSoft for Microsoft (NASD:MSFT). It improves the productivity of moving complex applications from J2EE to the Microsoft .NET Framework by increasing the percentage of automated migration.

The JLCA Companion enables developers to extend the functionality of the JLCA by defining custom code transformation rules (mappings) or to override standard mappings. This dramatically reduces migration time and effort by eliminating manual rewriting of code that cannot be handled by the JLCA such as J2EE third-party components. It also enables the code generated by the JLCA to be fine-tuned for the needs of specific organizations. Context-sensitive rules enable transformation of multiple language elements, including classes, methods and fields. Custom resolutions for specific JLCA errors, warnings or issues can also be defined to make iterative conversions faster.

"The JLCA within Visual Studio .NET offers customers a rapid path to the high performance, productivity and scalability of the .NET Framework while leveraging the investment in their existing Java applications," said Brian Keller, product manager in the .NET Developer Product Management Group at Microsoft Corp. "ArtinSoft developed the JLCA, and we’re pleased that its JLCA Companion enables extension of the JLCA to make that migration path even faster and easier for large and complex applications."

Rob Vonderhaar, ArtinSoft's vice president of marketing, added: "The JLCA we created for Microsoft automatically migrates the majority of J2EE code, but we realized that even higher percentages of automated migration can be achieved by enabling users to define custom mappings. By delivering extension and customization capabilities that were previously available only to ArtinSoft consultants, our new JLCA Companion can increase productivity up to 40% compared to using the JLCA alone."

The JLCA Companion is sold and supported directly by ArtinSoft, and is now in beta testing. The license cost includes online technical support and is determined by the size of the source application to be migrated. Purchasers will receive a free upgrade to the final version upon its general release in September 2004. ArtinSoft can also provide custom training and consulting services for effective implementation of the JLCA Companion, as well as delivery of turnkey application migration projects. More information and a white paper can be downloaded from