Upcoming Webcast on VB 6 and Windows 7 Compatibility Alternatives

9/22/2009 ArtinSoft Update / info@artinsoft.com

ArtinSoft Corporation announced a new webcast with Microsoft around the different options to get applications originally developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 running on the Windows 7 operating system. Scheduled for Thursday, October 15, 2009 1:00 PM Pacific Time, the live event is part of Microsoft’s “Momentum” initiative, which is designed for growing and mid-sized organizations and provides expert advice, tips, and techniques to align IT with your strategy and drive your business forward.

Presented by Jose Alberto Aguilar, migration architect and senior consultant at ArtinSoft, the presentation entitled “Visual basic 6 and Windows 7: Alternatives for Application Compatibility” will start by showing how VB 6.0 applications can be upgraded to the Microsoft .NET Framework, covering the business reasons for getting them to work with Windows 7 and the benefits provided by that operating system and the .NET Framework.

View the recording for this presentation from Microsoft Live Meeting

*View the recording for this presentation from ArtinSoft.com

*Important! Live Meeting 2005 Replay Format requires Windows Media Player version 9 or later.