CIBER and ArtinSoft Team to Convert Mission-Critical Software for Leading Midwest Insurance Company

6/1/2008 ArtinSoft Update /

CIBER, Inc., (NYSE: CBR) of Denver, CO, a global provider of information technology (IT) services, and ArtinSoft of San Jose, Costa Rica, a software firm specializing in conversion / migration tools and services, have collaborated to complete the conversion of a mission-critical Human Resources (HR) software application for a leading Midwest insurance company. CIBER and ArtinSoft partnered to convert approximately 400,000 lines of code from Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (VB6) to Microsoft Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) within an aggressive time window. As a result of this effort, the client can continue to utilize the functionality within its HR application on a supported technology platform and without compromise to application performance.

The client engaged CIBER in November 2007 to perform the conversion of its home-grown application to VB.NET. To meet the client's aggressive schedule and budget constraints, CIBER devised a comprehensive solution that involved resources from its CIBER India offshore operation, as well as two conversion tools that could be utilized to expedite project activities. The conversion tools selected were the Microsoft Upgrade Wizard, which had been developed by ArtinSoft for Microsoft, and the ArtinSoft Visual Basic Upgrade Companion Tool.

With the aid of the conversion tools, the HR application code has been successfully converted, final user acceptance testing is being concluded, and the converted application is targeted for roll-out into the client's production environment in June 2008.

"The success of this project was due in great part to the successful collaboration of CIBER and ArtinSoft," said Joe Mancuso, Senior Vice President of CIBER's Commercial Practice. "The quality of the conversion tools provided by ArtinSoft exceeded our expectations, and we found ArtinSoft to be a flexible and reliable partner who provided exceptional product training and sales support."

Based on the successful completion of the pilot phase, the remaining lines of code were subdivided into smaller work packets and successfully converted and tested by technical resources at CIBER's facilities in India. CIBER managed the client relationship from its Chicago-area office in Oakbrook Terrace, IL.

"CIBER's global presence and outstanding service delivery reputation were key factors in pursuing the partnership," said Roberto Leitón, Chief Executive Officer of ArtinSoft. "This venture will allow us to leverage our technology and CIBER's service capabilities on a global basis to the benefit of our clients, while achieving a broader market share in the software migration business. Artinsoft's technology enables business continuity and compliance by saving valuable resources and maintaining critical business rules as opposed to rewriting applications. By using automated conversion tools, clients can minimize organizational disruption and accelerate time-to-market."

"This partnership uniquely positions CIBER and ArtinSoft to deliver compelling solutions in the software conversion space," said Jim Tatro, VP & Area Director of CIBER's Chicago-area office. "We are confident this partnership will prove to be very beneficial to both firms, but especially to our clients as we work collaboratively to deliver targeted solutions with meaningful business benefits."