VBUC 3.0: dramatically increasing productivity and code quality on VB to .NET migration projects

5/5/2009 ArtinSoft Update / info@artinsoft.com

ArtinSoft Corporation announced today the release of version 3.0 of the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC), its flagship product for the automatic migration of VB6 applications to both VB.NET and C#.

After an extensive research and development process, and based on requirements gathered from the execution and licensing of the tool in a large number of projects, the new version contains powerful new capabilities and significant enhancements to reduce cost and improve quality of a migration project. The VBUC 3.0 is now available for customers and partners worldwide.

The VBUC 3.0 comes in two versions: the Enterprise Edition (EE), aimed at large mission critical applications, and the Developer Edition (DE), for smaller projects. With this segmentation ArtinSoft is able to serve the complete spectrum of the market, providing customers with the most cost-effective way to renew their Visual Basic 6 applications.

We are very proud of the VBUC 3.0 release”, said Federico Zoufaly, ArtinSoft’s Marketing Director. “The feedback gathered from our Beta customers and our own Migration Services Unit really shows that we are addressing one of the major pains of a Visual Basic 6 migration project: cost”, continued Zoufaly. “This release shows ArtinSoft’s continuous focus on improving technology by providing value to our customers”.

This new version constitutes a more comprehensive, integral VB to .NET migration solution. The functionality of the Visual Basic 6.0 Upgrade Assessment tool has been merged into the VBUC, and complemented with new analysis capabilities to determine dependencies and detect shared and duplicate files. This amalgamation makes it easier to estimate the effort required to carry out a conversion project and to solve migration warnings beforehand. Also, the VBUC’s graphical user interface was enhanced to show more detailed project information, helping end users easily understand the amount of work involved for the migration of each project and closely monitor the automated upgrade progress by clearly identifying the code not fully converted. Managing complex and large system migrations is now completely under control from the centralized GUI.

Migration from ASP to ASP.NET has also been tightly integrated with the VBUC 3.0. When activated, this migration capability allows the full management of a VB6 and ASP upgrade project from the same interface. Developers are now in complete control of the conversion project and can easily distribute tasks among a number of team members to minimize the time to market of the migrated application.

Overall, this release contains more than 450 individual improvements on the existing capabilities of the VBUC, providing increased automation, superior code quality, enhanced robustness and a more satisfying end user experience. It also includes significant performance enhancements, which significantly reduce both the time required to perform the automated upgrade process and the tool’s memory consumption.

Some of the specific features the new VBUC release introduces are support for external function declarations and invocations, Windows Common Controls, Public Class Instantiation Models, and the IsMissing function, among other capabilities that provide a more precise, easier upgrade experience to the .NET Framework. It also enhances the resolution of default properties on late bound objects, reducing the amount of post-automatic migration issues present in the code by an average of 30%.

The focus for VBUC 3.0 was on migration productivity and performance enhancements. We have already seen great results in some of our recent projects where these new features and improvements were used, and we are sure all our customers will greatly benefit from them”, said Hugo Fernández, head of Product Development at ArtinSoft.

Alongside the VBUC version 3.0, ArtinSoft also launched a companion website, www.vbtonet.com, a new technical documentation site for the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion. The aim of this ample website is to become an invaluable integrated online resource to help end users on performing migration projects efficiently, helping them leverage existing VB6 investments in the most cost-effective way.

For more information on this release or if you are interested in pricing and assessment information please contact ArtinSoft at info@artinsoft.com.