Meet ArtinSoft's Dazzling New Product: Aggiorno

1/16/2008 ArtinSoft Update /

After over a year of intensive work and driven by a vision of perpetual innovation, ArtinSoft has officially unveiled the first details of Aggiorno, a new, revolutionary product aimed at changing the way web developers work.

Aggiorno uses a sophisticated pattern detection and transformation engine to allow an effortless transition to HTML and ASP.NET web standards compliant websites, with full XHTML validation and SEO friendly CSS layout. Nevertheless, the original styled code as well as the website's look-and-feel remain intact.

Presented as an expandable plug-in for Visual Studio, the Aggiorno beta version is currently available on a by-invitation-only basis, but people interested in gaining first-hand access to the product are welcome to register at

The site also contains a corporate blog, where snapshots, demos and updates of Aggiorno will be regularly posted.