Upcoming Tool That Makes ASP.NET Sites More Findable and Accessible Now in Open Beta

6/3/2008 ArtinSoft Update / info@artinsoft.com

ORLANDO, Fla. - June 3 2008 - Today Artinsoft Corp. announced the release of the second public beta of Aggiorno (www.aggiorno.com ), an extension to both Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, through the Visual Studio Integration Program (VSIP), that brings expert knowledge and productivity to web developers. With Aggiorno, web developers easily make their ASP.NET or HTML sites compliant with the latest web standards using the latest technology trends suggested by industry experts and immediately incorporating business value.

"Aggiorno, which means to update in Italian, is a completely new concept in software development in general, and web development in particular. Most productivity tools available today focus solely on the generation of code, but we have raised the bar, emphasizing the activity in which most software teams spend their time: existing code maintenance to gain business value," said Federico Zoufaly, Product Manager of Aggiorno. "Aggiorno understands even the most complex web sites, and can transform them almost automatically, so that they comply with today's best practices. By making source code easier to deal with and change, Aggiorno can save days' worth of hard work with just a few clicks".

Aggiorno, in its first release, offers a set of key automated improvements for web pages:

- Search engine indexing optimization
- User accessibility
- Error free, web standards compliance
- Cascading Style Sheet standard styling
- Site content and design separation

Aggiorno's unique value proposition is the encapsulation of source code improvements, utterly focused on web developer productivity in order to quickly and easily extend business reach. "Other code manipulating applications, such as refactoring browsers, simply move elements from one place to the other, but their value highly depends on how and where these transformations take place. Aggiorno's transformations, called Aggiornings, always carry along an intrinsic business value; developers can rest assured that, if they apply an Aggiorning over their code, they are making their code base a better one," said Zoufaly.

Aggiorno's chief goal is to help diffuse experts' knowledge to the wider public

All the Aggiornings shipped in the current version have been developed using Aggiorno's own Software Development Kit (SDK), which is based on a very sophisticated code understanding and transformation engine. With this SDK, the company is pushing hard towards creating a strong bond with industry experts, so that new Aggiornings promoting the latest available best practices can be continuously released.

"We want to be in close communication with web development experts, analyzing the knowledge that they consider will increase developers' productivity. We will work together with them in order to encapsulate all that knowledge into Aggiornings, which could be plugged into an already installed Aggiorno product. This way, developers know that by purchasing Aggiorno they are buying an open ticket to best practices and more knowledge", explained Carlos Araya, CEO of ArtinSoft Research Corp.

"Microsoft has been working with ArtinSoft over the last 10 years in bringing sophisticated code transformation tools to the hands of developers. Aggiorno is the latest incarnation of ArtinSoft's core technology, this time aimed at web developers and their need to show business results in a consistent way," said Brian Goldfarb, Group Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation.

Aggiorno 1.0 is scheduled to be released in Summer 2008. For more information about Aggiorno and to register for a Beta download please visit www.aggiorno.com.