Visual Basic Upgrade Companion

What’s new in VBUC 5?

The latest version of ArtinSoft’s renowned VB 6.0 to .NET conversion product includes loads of new features aimed towards improving the tool’s usability, reducing the manual effort in migration projects and taking advantage of Microsoft’s .NET infrastructure.

Overall, there are more than 200 improvements, but the following are the main new features:

Totally revamped user interface

A friendlier, easier to use interface, guiding the user through all the steps required to convert the code and providing clear feedback about the process and pending actions. Detailed descriptions and examples for the different upgrade options were added to help chose the most appropriate settings.

Conversion of “Load”, “Unload”, “Show” and “Close”

VBUC 5 includes a new option to convert the Load, Unload, Show and Close statements and the Show and Load events. To convert these statements and events the VBUC provides the following options:

  • .NET Native event and functions
  • Load event upgraded as a method invoked from a Form constructor

“ADODB.Field” migration

Added support for the conversion of ADODB.Field when ADO is being converted to ADO.NET using System.Data.Commons. This new version supports the value of the ADODB.Field and the metadata

“On Error Resume Next” to Lambda Expressions

The “On Error Resume Next” statement doesn’t have a direct equivalent in C#.NET. VBUC 5 introduces a new optional feature to convert it using lambda expressions, drastically reducing the manual changes related to this conversion.

“VB.Collection” to .Net Native Classes

The current version of the VBUC provides an option to convert “VB.Collection” to the following .NET Classes: HashTable, ArrayList, StringCollection and StringDictionary, depending on how the collection is used in the original code.

VBUC 5 now converts the “VB.Collection” to the .NET Ordered Dictionary class instead of the above combination, producing a cleaner code closer to functional equivalence.

Improved conversion of multi-dimensional arrays

The migration of multi-dimensional array was enhanced to reduce the compilation errors on the converted code, by considering all the dimensions for the most possible scenarios.

SSRibbon to Windows Forms

SSRibbon is now converted to CheckBox or RadioButton, depending on weather it is a single ribbon or not. Ribbons can be organized into groups; a group of several ribbons will be converted to a RadioButton, while a single ribbon will be converted to a CheckBox. This option can be turned on/off in the UpgradeOptions group “Infragistics”.

SSDBGrid to Infragistics UltraGrid

SSDBGrid can now be converted to Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.UltraGrid.

Dependency Analyzer Tool

The VBUC now includes a “Dependency Analyzer” that can be found in the “Tools” toolbar. It allows the user to gather data about inter-project dependencies and generate some specific reports based on that information.

Infragistics SSDataWidgets_B (SSDBGrid, SSDBCombo, SSDropDown to Infragistics.NET

MSRDC Validate event map, remove MSRDC interop reference when map to to ADO.NET or ADOCOMMONS

Scripting.FileSystemObject map to object.

The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 5 trial is available on request.

Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 5