ArtinSoft Announces New Informix to Web Solution thru AJAX

5/5/2006 ArtinSoft Press Release /

Herndon, VA -May 5, 2006- ArtinSoft Corp. announced today a new, proven software migration solution to convert your I4GL through AJAX. This new service allows you to web-enable your Informix application based on a Thin-Client. AJAX, a set of different technologies put together, allows the validation of both fields and flexible input-fields sequencing rapidly and effectively -no need for entire pages to reload.

"This new solution has been developed by our technology experts, based on years of experience in the software conversion field. Like all products and services offered by ArtinSoft, this new approach has been designed to meet the highest standards in quality," said Luis Rodríguez, Engineering Manager at ArtinSoft.

The original version of ArtinSoft's Informix to Java solution produced Client-Server architectures using Swing Clients, and these, in turn, could be put on a browser as an Applet. The new alternative, developed by using ArtinSoft's advanced automatic conversion technology, complements the original version by allowing Web Forms to be displayed as HTML documents in an Internet browser while the migrated Java code executes on a Web Server allowing for web enablement and Thin-Client solutions for the Informix Applications.

"The new Informix to Web solution using AJAX is a sound alternative to the original Informix to Java approach, and represents part of our ongoing effort to provide comprehensive solutions for today's migration needs," emphasized Federico Zoufaly, ArtinSoft's Executive Vice President of Business Development.

The proposed architecture of this approach has many advantages when compared to previous solutions; other than an Internet browser, there is no need for any other application on the Client-side. The solution enables easy deployment and facilitates integration with other existing web interfaces and programs.

Moreover, this solution can be further improved upon with some extra manual development. Ideally, going towards J2EE could result in further advantages. For more information regarding this new solution, click here.