Business News Americas Reveals ArtinSoft's Expansion Strategy

10/7/2007 ArtinSoft Update /

Online magazine Business News America (BNA) recently highlighted ArtinSoft's outstanding growth in 2007 and exposed the strategy that will keep the momentum going within the next two years.

During a recent interview with CEO Roberto Leitón, BNA learned that the company aims to increase licensing sales to 50% of total revenue within two years from 20% today, driven by "the increasing demand for Artinsoft's migration solutions and the lack of a services arm to take care of the company's global customers."

Most of the clients that choose ArtinSoft's solutions, the article continues, are financial institutions looking for an effective, secure option to comply with international compliance regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. Additionally, the pressure put by Microsoft after announcing that it would no longer offer support for Visual Basic 6.0 has boosted ArtinSoft's sales.

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