ArtinSoft Announces C# to Visual Basic .NET Migration Solution

12/1/2005 ArtinSoft Press Release /

Herndon, VA - November 30, 2005 - Artinsoft Corp. today announced a new solution to provide its migration technology and expertise to companies looking to move their C# applications to Visual Basic .NET. By adding this offering to its current catalogue, ArtinSoft now delivers a complete solution to accelerate the conversion of C# code to Visual Basic .NET., while significantly reducing project costs, time and risks by using both automated migration tools and a proven consulting technique.

"Our only business is software migration, and we have over ten years of proven experience in delivering successful conversion projects," said Federico Zoufaly, ArtinSoft's Executive Vice President of Business Development. "And as developers of the Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard and the Java Language Conversion Assistant migration tools provided with Visual Studio .NET, we have vast knowledge of the structure and capabilities of both C# and Visual Basic .NET."

ArtinSoft applies style best practices to the obtained code, in order to produce more maintainable and understandable code from the Visual Basic .NET programmer perspective. Some of these established practices address issues about the new functionality available in Visual Studio 2005 and how the Visual Basic .NET source code can get the most out of it. In addition, ArtinSoft enhances the code design by following the .NET Framework development guidelines defined by Microsoft, focusing on improvement code quality.

ArtinSoft's demonstrated migration services handle the entire conversion to Visual Basic .NET on a turnkey basis - assessment and planning. Its Ready-Set-Go technique offers an end-to-end solution to all aspects of the process, and delivers a fully tested, functionally equivalent, guaranteed, and ready-to-deploy system.

About ArtinSoft

Since 1993, ArtinSoft has been helping customers worldwide to use and protect their investment in current applications as they evolve to new platforms, primarily the Microsoft .NET Framework. ArtinSoft created the migration products that Microsoft provides within Visual Studio.NET, and were named as Microsoft's preferred supplier of worldwide upgrade services for customers. Find out more about ArtinSoft at