Costa Rica: A Hidden High-Tech Gem for Sourcing Opportunities

11/20/2007 ArtinSoft Update /

Costa Rica has rapidly become a growing pocket of high-tech expertise in Central America due to its investments in education and development, Purchasing Magazine is reporting in this month's issue. The magazine, known for providing chief procurement officers with the latest market forecasts, technologies and supply chain tactics, selected Costa Rica as part of its "When Doing Business in." series, which focuses on the benefits, dos and don'ts of the hottest spots in the global sourcing universe.

ArtinSoft board member Carlos Manuel González was interviewed for the article, and he pointed out some of the most important aspects that have made possible to shift from an agricultural-based economy to a high-tech manufacturing and software development center. The key, he says, is the strong education investment made by Costa Rican governments, which has resulted in a highly educated workforce, fluent in English and with an excellent attitude towards technology.

Although the country has been recognized as a prime location for sourcing opportunities for more than a decade, the recent vote and approval of the Central America Free Trade Agreement is expected to boost Costa Rica's appeal as a potential trade partner for U.S. firms in the near future.

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