ArtinSoft Spotlighted on CNBC's Primetime Newsmagazine "On the Money"

5/5/2006 Juan Antonio Pastor /

New York, New York -May 5, 2006- ArtinSoft Corp. was featured in a recent story as an outstanding software company working out of Costa Rica on CNBC's primetime newsmagazine "On the Money." As part of an ongoing special report on the growing, international business opportunities available in Costa Rica, CNBC interviewed ArtinSoft's Federico Zoufaly to profile Costa Rica as the new international IT hotspot for multinational software companies.

The story heralds Costa Rica as "the hottest place for technology these days." "Costa Rica is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the digital age," says Melissa Francis, the on-site reporter, emphatically. "With HP, Microsoft, Intel and hundreds of other tech and software companies are opening up shop [in the country]. Costa Rica is now servicing the entire world."

ArtinSoft was the only home-grown, Costa Rican company featured in the story, which aired on Thursday May 4th, at 7:00pm Eastern. According to Francis, "Costa Rica exports more software per capita than any other Latin American country," and ArtinSoft, "one of Microsoft's biggest" and most important Latin American partners, is fast "build[ing] its own brand."

"Even though we work a lot with Microsoft in Costa Rica, most of our customers are actually in the United States and in Europe," stated Zoufaly, Vice President of Business Development at ArtinSoft. "So actually, we leverage Microsoft on a global scale."

To view a digital version of the news report, click here.

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