First local VBUC Lab Comes to a Succesful End

9/14/2007 ArtinSoft Update /

San José, Costa Rica- As part of an initiative to expand and evangelize as many possible national partners in the advantages and benefits of using ArtinSoft's Visual Basic Upgrade Companion, experts Andrés García and Stephen Murillo recentely delivered a 5-day training at the company's headquarters in San José.

According to García, "the attendants came from leading companies in the Costa Rican software development field, which allowed us to deliver a very interactive training. We wanted for them to feel free to use our software migration tool [the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion], to migrate Visual Basic applications to C#.NET, so that they could appreciate the many benefits this tool can bring."

These labs were adopted by the training team and went under a major overhaul to comply with the tradition of excellence that has always characterized Artinsoft.