ArtinSoft Mentioned as Worldwide Leader in Outsourcing and Migration Services During 3rd Annual Costa Rica Technology Insight

3/8/2006 Juan Antonio Pastor /

San José, Costa Rica -March 8, 2006- ArtinSoft Corp. was cited as an exemplary IT company with a great business model worthy of emulating during the launching of a new business initiative by several private and public organizations in Costa Rica. The event, which was part of the 3rd Annual Costa Rica Technology Insight Congress, celebrated the progress made by the IT industry in Latin America and served as a springboard for the LINK Initiative, a program that aspires to solidify and position the Costa Rican and Latin American IT industry as one of the most productive, innovative, and lucrative in the world.

The conference was attended by national and regional leaders of IT businesses as well as local and international media outlets. The aim of the initiative, backed by the Costa Rican Chamber of Information and Communications Technology (CAMTIC), the International Development Bank (BID), INCAE Business School, the Mesoamerica Foundation, and others, is to minimize financial risk, offer training and support, and create a suitable environment so local and regional IT companies can flourish.

"With the help of established and respected companies such as ArtinSoft, we wish to create the necessary environment and momentum to propel new ideas and companies in the technology sector forward and guarantee their success," said Rosalía Morales, Director of CAMTIC, in a post-conference interview. "The example set by ArtinSoft is very valuable. While the investment we will provide is critical, the role of already-existing companies will mark the difference."

Jorge Requena, of BID-FIM, noted that for up-and-coming companies in the region to be successful, they must look outside national borders and compete with Asian, North American and European products, services, and solutions. To do so, the creation of strategic alliances becomes a powerful strategy.

. "As part of our spirit of cooperation and our strong belief in information-sharing and knowledge-transfers, we stand behind the LINK initiative to support entrepreneurs in the technology industry in Costa Rica and Latin America," said Roberto Leitón of ArtinSoft. "Our experience as a Microsoft Certified Partner has been very positive. Furthermore, we are very excited about LINK and the possibilities it opens up in the region."

Thanks to initiatives such as LINK, Costa Rica is fast becoming a source of technological innovation, with companies like ArtinSoft leading the way. "ArtinSoft offers innovative, first-rate technology unparalleled in the industry today," said Morales. "It is already a highly talked about company and has only begun to make its mark in the global technology market."