ArtinSoft announces automated solutions for migrating from Oracle to Microsoft Sql Server

12/3/2004 ArtinSoft /

Federico Zoufaly
Vice President of Business Development
425-503 3748

New Automated Migration Products

The PL/SQL Assessment Toolis a free product that enables organizations to plan a faster migration with less risk. It identifies potential challenges and provides data that helps in estimating the effort required. The wizard-based tool connects to the Oracle database and generates a series of customizable XML reports that inventory and analyze the business logic embedded within PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers. Other reports categorize these objects by complexity to help optimize the order in which they are migrated to SQL Server.

ArtinSoft’s newFreedom® Migration Studio for PL/SQL to T-SQL provides an interactive development environment to extract the PL/SQL code from the Oracle database and automatically convert it to Transact-SQL (T-SQL) for SQL Server. The Migration Studio features an intuitive graphical interface for high productivity throughout the migration process, including the ability to edit the generated T-SQL code as necessary and upload it directly into SQL Server for testing. The generated code is clear and well-formatted, and existing user comments are preserved for readability and easy maintenance.

The Migration Studio automatically converts over 200 PL/SQL features, including:

  • Stored Procedures and Functions
  • Triggers
  • Cursors
  • Packages
  • Flow Control Statements
  • SQL Statements
  • Sequences
  • Transactions
  • Error Handling (Exceptions)
  • Built-in Packages and Functions

The PL/SQL Migration Studio is based on ArtinSoft’s proven AI-based Freedom technology, which delivers automated migration rates of 85-95% with even complex PL/SQL code.

Users See High Returns

Since rewriting embedded PL/SQL business logic into T-SQL is usually the most difficult part of an Oracle migration, the PL/SQL Migration Studio delivers huge productivity gains.

SuPen, the government agency that manages Costa Rican pension funds, is a beta user of the Migration Studio. Oscar Hidalgo, SuPen’s DBA, confirmed, “The Freedom Migration Studio converted about 95% of our PL/SQL code, identified all the other code that was not automatically migrated, and produced legible and maintainable T-SQL code.”

Another beta customer, a $60M healthcare software organization using the PL/SQL Migration Studio to convert its Oracle-based product to SQL Server, stated: “Of the products that we tested, ArtinSoft’s Migration Studio was the clear winner due to a more complete conversion of PL/SQL (especially function calls within stored procedures) and a superior user interface. We feel that the Migration Studio does a more thorough job and produces more sustainable code upon which we can continue to build and improve our product.” That organization expects to complete its entire migration with the help of the PL/SQL Migration Studio in only 1/3 of the time it estimated for a manual conversion using information provided by the PL/SQL Assessment Tool.

“SQL Server continues to be the fastest growing database in the industry with its comprehensive data management and business intelligence capabilities. Its proven lower cost of ownership, strong business value proposition, and superior performance are attracting new customers that have traditionally used other platforms,” said Joe Yong, SQL Server Technical Product Manager for Microsoft Corp. “However, uncertainty around the costs of database migrations made many customers hesitant to switch to SQL Server. By working with great partners like ArtinSoft, some of that uncertainty can be eliminated. Customers now have a set of tools that can accelerate the process and significantly reduce costs, making migrations from Oracle to SQL Server even more attractive.”

New Oracle to SQL Server Migration Services

With over ten years of experience in delivering turnkey migration projects, ArtinSoft also announced the availability of new consulting service programs for migration from the Oracle RDBMS to SQL Server. The company’s proven Ready-Set-Go™ methodology and best practices are combined with its new automated PL/SQL migration products to deliver turnkey fixed-price customer migration projects with significantly lower cost, timeframe and risk.

Pricing and Availability

The PL/SQL Assessment Tool is free of charge, and can be downloaded from ArtinSoft’s website. A pre-release version of the Freedom Migration Studio for PL/SQL to T-SQL is also available now, with general release planned by the end of 2004. The Migration Studio is licensed on a per-application basis, and pricing varies depending on the amount of PL/SQL code to be converted.