MSDN Webcast: Convert your WinForms to work with HTML5

4/3/2012 ArtinSoft Update /

ArtinSoft Corporation announced a new webcast with Microsoft showcasing their enhanced Visual Basic 6.0 and C# to Web migration solution. Entitled “Converting your .NET WindowsForms applications into HTML5”, the webcast will be conducted by Federico Zoufaly, ArtinSoft’s co-founder, and Mauricio Rojas, Migration Architect.

ArtinSoft’s new migration offering is motivated by all the recent trends that are reshaping work environments and business models, where new devices and software standards are appearing at a constantly accelerating pace; the tendency of bringing your own device to the workspace, the social web, and many new business concepts are only manifestations of the reach and richness of the forces unleashed by the science and technology.

In this setting, any existing corporate application represents both a challenge, as it needs to evolve to prevail, as well as an opportunity if they can adapt in an efficient way. There are many advantages derived from having a single code base and the ability to deploy on multiple devices and through this webcast you will learn about the process of Enterprise Application Mobilization, accelerating evolution while reducing costs, by converting .NET WindowsForms application into HTML5.

You can register for this free, 60-minute presentation, due on Thursday, April 26, 2012 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada), here: