ArtinSoft renews its efforts to ease the transition from Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to the Microsoft .NET Framework

7/1/2010 ArtinSoft Update /

SAN JOSE Costa Rica, July1st, 2010 - ArtinSoft announced today its support for companies and developers to better use their investments in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) applications by cost-effectively upgrading them to the Microsoft .NET Framework,Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) or Visual C#.

This includes a free license to convert up to 10,000 lines of code with ArtinSoft’s Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC). The offer, which comprises a total value of $799, is available through the Microsoft MSDN website ( and its monetary value can also be applied as a discount if a larger license is needed.

The VBUC is an advanced tool that enables the automated conversion of VB6 code to native VB.NET and C#, saving up to 80 percenton cost and allowing finishing the migration process up to fourtimes faster.Now that the Upgrade Wizard no longer ships with Microsoft Visual Studio, the VBUC provides a more powerful and flexible alternative to cost-effectively upgrade applications to the .NET Framework, take advantage of the latest technology, and streamline the development process.

“With a proven track record of millions of lines of code upgraded to the .NET Framework, the VBUC helps move business critical applications out of obsolescence,free of ties to third-party dependencies. Companies looking totaking advantage of new Microsoft technologies, reducing development, deployment and maintenance costs, and addressing compliance issues or meeting market demands, use the VBUC as the most advanced and cost-effective solution out there”, noted Roberto Leitón, ArtinSoft’s CEO.

In addition, ArtinSoft can provide consulting services to customers who are seeking experienced and cost-conscious architectural guidance to upgrade existing VB6 code to either VB.NETor C#. Offerings range from technical support on an hourly basis to a complete turn-key solution, accelerating and simplifying the migration process of VB6 applications, either to the .NET platform or straight to the Web.

“Microsoft is pleased that partners like ArtinSoft are helping developers upgrade their applications to take advantage of the full .NET platform”, said Jason Zander, corporate vice president of the Visual Studio Team at Microsoft Corp. “ArtinSoft’s Visual Basic Upgrade Companion will provide developers with tools that help enable them to automatically convert VB6 code to native VB.NET and C#.”

About ArtinSoft

With more thanfifteen years of experience, ArtinSoft has proven to be a key player in software transformation, by allowing customers from all over the world to ensure business continuity and compliance through migration solutions and developer tools. Created upon principles of artificial intelligence and a relentless passion for innovation, the company is now the de-facto leader in the VB6 application renewal space, holding an unparalleled record of real world migration projects while in constant growth through a strategic partner network. ArtinSoft’s solutions enable organizations to leverage years of intellectual and financial investment in the most cost-effective way. Furthermore, not only can its products be thoroughly customized, but also complemented with different training and technical support options.