ArtinSoft Announces New Linc to Java Migration Solution

5/14/2007 ArtinSoft Update /

Herndon, VA -May 14, 2007- ArtinSoft Corp. announced today a new software migration solution to convert Unisys Linc applications to Java. Built with ArtinSoft's proprietary Freedomr technology, the new automated Linc conversion tool allows you to take advantage of the robust, modern, and open J2EE platform. ArtinSoft offers a comprehensive solution designed to meet your Linc migration needs so you can leverage new and powerful Java features within your applications, lowering maintenance costs and expanding your service offering. With a Linc to Java conversion, you will enjoy improved development productivity through an object-oriented, component-based development model, including simplified integration with heterogeneous environments and other applications.

"There are many reasons to migrate from Linc to J2EE: multi-tier architecture, scalability, use of relational databases, easy integration, and a large number of software and hardware providers available", said Olman GarcĂ­a, one of ArtinSoft's experts behind this development.

Basically, several J2EE layers are created from the Linc application's ISpecs: Client, Web, Business and Database Access tiers, plus the generation of the relational database files, including data extraction and import.

The solution is delivered on a turnkey basis, through ArtinSoft's proven consulting methodology, that covers all the stages of a Linc to Java/J2EE migration project. This includes from the assessment and planning steps to the actual conversion, delivering a fully tested, functionally equivalent, guaranteed, and ready-to-deploy system.

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