ArtinSoft Lands Contract with Banamex

9/17/2007 ArtinSoft Update /

San José CR, August 2007 - Costa Rican software migration solutions provider Artinsoft has signed its largest contract to date with Banamex, one of Mexico's leading banks and part of international financing conglomerate Citigroup.

The contract was signed in mid-August and calls for Artinsoft to migrate 150+ applications developed over Microsoft's Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft's .NET language. After April 2008, Microsoft will no longer offer technical support for Visual Basic 6.0, a situation that forces corporations worldwide to migrate their legacy systems towards more modern, supported platforms.

"We're detecting a notorious increase in the use of our technology by customers everywhere; more and more companies are taking the step forward to ensure the continuity of their business and at the same time cut down operation costs", CEO Roberto Leitón commented.

Among the potential suppliers analyzed by Banamex to execute the project, ArtinSoft stood out for its remarkable trajectory and level of specialization. Banamex was looking for a supplier with vast experience in software migration that could guarantee an agile and cost-effective process, which coincidentally defines ArtinSoft's profile.

The challenge of achieving functional equivalence between legacy and migrated applications becomes particularly critic when operating with massive financing institutions such as Banamex. The slightest change in the functionality of the systems could dramatically affect the company's training inversions.

Marco Astúa, Business Manager for Latin America, is aware of the challenge this project represents: "Banamex is going to put our capabilities to the test in every possible aspect: technology, management and methodology; however, we have full trust in our human team and the tools we've developed throughout the years".

The project is currently on its first stages and scheduled to be completed by July 2008.