ArtinSoft CEO Dr. Carlos Araya Selected as One of the Most Successful Business Executives in Central America by SUMMA Magazine

6/15/2006 ArtinSoft Update /

San José, Costa Rica -June 15, 2006- ArtinSoft founder and CEO Dr. Carlos Araya was chosen as one of the most successful and respected executives in Central America by SUMMA Magazine --Central America's leading business news magazine-- for its June 2006 issue. The special edition, which features the 100 "biggest, most successful, most prestigious, and most innovative" entrepreneurs in the region, hit newsstands across Central America this month as a collector's issue.

The magazine editors selected businessmen and women across Central America that have made a name for themselves in the finance, technology, manufacturing, service, and media industries. The feature describes ArtinSoft as a prestigious software company that services the entire world and raises the bar when it comes to quality business practices.

Araya cites that his greatest achievement has been "sharing with every person at ArtinSoft who has helped... effectively demonstrate that Costa Rica can invent, produce and successfully market advanced software technology around the world." He goes on to say that "ArtinSoft's next step is to systematically generate and position differentiated solutions in the global IT market."