Engaging with ArtinSoft’s VB Migration Services

ArtinSoft’s VB migration services is the easiest way to obtain a fully tested, functionally equivalent, guaranteed, and ready-to-deploy system. Here’s a short guide on how to engage with us and find out all you need to know about your migration project. There are three basic stages: General Information, Pricing and the actual Migration process.

General Information

In the initial stage you will probably require more basic info about our VB migration services. In order to do so, or just to start communication, just fill out the Contact Us form and one of our experts will follow up with you through the rest of the process.


The most common question is probably “How much is this going to cost me?” Basically, the investment required to migrate a Visual Basic 6.0 system to .NET depends on the size and complexity of such application. We offer 2 levels of cost estimates: a free ballpark and a formal detailed quote.

(Learn more about pricing and how to obtain a ballpark estimate or formal quote)

Engaging with ArtinSoft’s VB Migration Services


There are 3 ways you can engage with ArtinSoft migration services for the actual migration of your VB applications:

  • Turn-key (Functional Equivalence): Through this alternative ArtinSoft handles the entire VB migration project, delivering in the end a fully deployable .NET (VB.NET or C#) application, where our experts run even all the Acceptance Testing.
  • Visual Equivalence: This option leverages the customer’s experience and knowledge in the legacy (VB6) application with ArtinSoft’s experience in executing migration projects, and is specially compelling when lacking a formally defined set of test cases.

    The deliverables for this offering are the following:

    • The source code is automatically converted to the target language (VB.NET or C#).
    • All screens will render correctly in the Visual Studio designer, and will be visually equivalent to their VB6 counterparts whenever this is feasible.
    • The main form can be executed and all initial values are equal to its VB6 counterpart. Additionally, all forms that can be reached directly from the main menu will also be revised to ensure they display properly and have the same initial values as their VB6 counterparts. The objective is to verify that the main form and all directly associated forms can be properly displayed in the running .NET application.
    • The .NET code is delivered to customer so that he can perform the final manual adjustments, which are typically closely-related to the application’s business logic. The customer’s team can start then with the functional testing, where their experience with the original application will result in greater productivity.
    • Included with this option are 2 weeks of onsite support from an ArtinSoft migration architect to help with the project and code ownership transition.
  • Project management / expert support: this option provides you with support from a project manager or a determined number of our consultants to work with your team on the VB to .NET conversion project. Product customizations determined through the Ready Assessment (see “Formal quote” above) can be implemented in order to increase the VB migration process automation.