Calculate the investment required for a VB Migration project

The investment required for a VB migration project depends mainly on the complexity of the original Visual Basic 6.0 application. This complexity is calculated taking into account a number of characteristics of the underlying VB code and the required target architecture.

The most important of these VB6 characteristics are listed below:

VB6 characteristics that affect complexity of the migration:

  • Application size, in term of Lines of Code (LOC)
  • What percentage does the Visual Lines represent of the total LOC
  • Presence and quantity of embedded 3rd party components, like ActiveX
  • GUI sophistications
  • Level of usage of API calls
  • Use of scripting technologies (such as MSScript)
  • Presence of VB6 reporting technologies
  • Presence of ActiveX EXE VB6 projects
  • Presence of VB6 projects that are Windows Services
  • Applications relying on specific performance characteristics of Visual Basic 6.0, such as arcade games
  • Intensive and advanced use of XML (MSXML.library)
  • Reliance on specific behaviors of VB6 regarding arithmetic operations
  • Use of the following technologies:
    • Drag and Drop
    • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
    • ActiveX Documents
    • Property Pages
    • Web Classes
    • OLE Container Control
    • Visual Basic Add-ins
    • ClipBoard Object
    • GoSub
    • COM+ (transactional objects)
VB Migration Services Pricing

"The best $5,000 we ever spent were for the Ready Assessment. The quality of the information provided by ArtinSoft during this analysis was the key to the success of this migration"
Robert Courtney – Chief Software Architect

Target requirements that affect the complexity of the migration:

  • Replacing 3rd party components with .NET native versions
  • Whether database technology will be used through COM Interop or will it need to be converted to ADO.NET
  • Converting unstructured error handling to .NET try/catch statements
  • Dynamic creation of visual controls

So, how can I get pricing for my specific VB migration project?

ArtinSoft can provide 2 levels of cost estimates: a ballpark and a formal quote

  • Ballpark estimate: Our consultants can provide you with a approximated cost figure using the results from our VB/ASP Assessment Tool. Just follow these easy steps, and please note that this is a free service, but time for delivery depends on the work load at any given time:
  • Formal quote: This is a mandatory step in order to provide you with a fixed price and time quote for the migration project. Called a Ready assessment, it comprises a thorough application analysis, including current platform issues and customer needs, delivering in the end a complete VB to .NET migration project plan that includes the following: detailed analysis of the VB 6.0 application, code inventory, .NET migration plan (VB.NET or C#), recommendations, suggested product customizations, expected benefits, project budget and project schedule, etc. It normally involves one of our migration experts travelling to your location and meeting with your team for 5 days, at a cost of US$5,000, plus travel expenses.

    Visual Basic Ready Assessment – Content Overview

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