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The following White Papers provide useful information regarding migration projects, goals and needs.

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HIPAA / HITECH Compliance Risks with Visual Basic 6.0

With HIPAA and HITECH, service providers, insurance companies, clearinghouses, software vendors and other business associates are subject to possible enforcements measures if standards regarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the patient data aren’t met. While these regulations for the health care industry do not call for the use of any specific software, it does suggests using technologies that have vendor support and access to updates and patches that will reduce risks, and upgrading VB6 applications to .NET makes it much easier to stay in compliance. Microsoft has placed features at the core of the .NET Framework which ensure developers address security both from use of managed code, role-based and code-access security and the rich libraries in the .NET security namespaces.

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5 myth-busting reasons for choosing an automatic migration vs. a manual rewrite

There are still many myths out there surrounding software migrations, but once you learn about the availability of advanced migration technologies that allow generating code of a superior quality, with a much lower project cost, time and risk, you will definitely agree that using automated migration tools as part of an overall software renewal initiative is the most viable way to leverage the current investment in legacy applications and move them to the latest platforms.

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How to select an automatic VB to .NET migration product

Software migration products are complex technologies that need to strike the right balance automation and quality of the generated code. At one side of the migration products range there are compilers, which takes source code and translates it 100% automatically to a different language; a language that it is not fit for “human consumption” and cannot be easily maintained. On the other side, there is the full manual upgrade, in which an engineer only optimizes with respect to code quality at the expense of a very high migration cost.

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Planning a Successful VB to .NET Migration: 8 Proven Tips

Even with the help of VB to .NET migration tools, it is still necessary to plan carefully in order to ensure success. This whitepaper presents eight recommendations that you should take into account when planning a migration to the .NET Framework, based on ArtinSoft’s broad experience executing successful Visual Basic 6.0 to .NET upgrade projects worldwide.

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Visual Basic Upgrade Companion vs. Code Advisor

When planning a migration project with the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC), many users ask if they should still execute the Visual Basic 6.0 Code Advisor, since VBUC automatically takes care of many of the tasks flagged by Code Advisor. This article provides a practical view focused on minimizing manual work by using both tools and taking advantage of the enhanced features of VBUC.

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Migrating Away From Compliance Quicksand

This white paper considers the latest developments regarding SOX compliance and explains how organizations can ensure ongoing certification by migrating their legacy finance applications to a modern IT platform.

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A Fast Track to Software Modernization

Legacy software applications are very valuable assets. Most CIO’s and CEO’s know this, in spite of the fact that today’s balance sheets rarely show their real value. Typically, over the years large investments in intellectual capital have been imbedded in the legacy systems, but more often than not, those investments have been booked as expenses.

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Realities Of Upgrading Large Real World Applications

In this document, we answer some of the most common questions about upgrading, based on the general trends we have found in upgrading large real world applications. Some of the inquiries that we discuss are: when to re-write, migrate or leave in VB 6, learning to migrate an application and why doesn’t the Upgrade Wizard upgrade everything.

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Upgrading a Visual Basic® Application to .NET: The e-volutionVisualizer Example

This paper begins by explaining how to upgrade a Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 application to Visual Basic .NET. The main focus is on the actual upgrade process and very specific issues are explained i.e. how to handle Data Binding, Drag and Drop operations and Printer Objects. To finish, we take a look at how to enhance the application using web services and XML.

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Legacy Transformation

This report explains how automated software transformation works and proposes a strategy for assessing the suitability of existing applications for migration to modern platforms such as J2EE and .NET.

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The New Way of Doing Migration

This white paper carefully explains the difference between the traditional approach to migration (manual re-writes) and the methodology used at ArtinSoft, when an automatic migration is carried out. This paper also includes the comparative data from one of our migration projects.

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