Advanced Code Refactoring

The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion transforms your VB6 applications into high quality .NET code, without dependencies over proprietary runtimes.

Besides the outstanding transformation rules to upgrade all the VB6 language constructions, the VBUC also boasts an  extensive set of Code Refactoring rules designed to improve the resulting product quality.

There are many code patterns found on VB6 that can be upgraded to a more optimized .NET counterpart. In other cases, the resulting product readability can be enhanced by applying some refactoring as well.

All the Code Refactoring transformation rules can be categorized into two different areas:

Language Improvements

  • “If Else If”structures to “switch” blocks
  • “Return”keywords for functions
  • “For…each”instead of iteration variables
  • “IsMissing”special handling for optional parameters
  • Variable initialization values moved to their declaration
  • Default properties resolution.
  • Dead private methods removal

Structure / Library improvements

  • Renaming conflicts and issues
  • “Collections”transformed into “ArrayList”or “HashTable”based on their usage
  • Unsupported statement/member handling