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ArtinSoft Partner Program FAQ

What is required to join the ArtinSoft Partner Program?

ArtinSoft is looking for global or large local system integrators with migration opportunities in their sales pipeline.

ArtinSoft looks forward to building strategic alli ances with leading companies that can work actively to instruct the marketplace about the advantages of migrate their applications through our solutions. Our partners invest in marketing, training, and administration to build a business growth platform to benefit economically from it.

What is the process to become an ArtinSoft Partner?

Please fill out this form, providing some information about your company and potential migration opportunities. If suitable, an agreement should be signed between both companies, where all terms and conditions will be established.

Partner Program Offering

Organizations that rely on applications created in Visual Basic 6.0 are now facing the end of official support for this programming language, with .NET becoming the development environment of choice. ArtinSoft is focusing its Partner strategy to Visual Basic 6.0 to .NET migration solutions.

ArtinSoft’s Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC) is the VB6 to .NET migration tool trusted by Fortune 100 companies worldwide. It is the industry-leading tool for the migration of VB6 to .NET.  With a proven track record of millions of lines migrated to C# and VB.NET, the VBUC helps you move your customers’ business critical applications out of obsolescence.

Visual Basic Upgrade Companion
  • About 80% savings versus a manual rewrite and 60% versus other tools
  • Lower your project timeframe by 4x
  • Generates native .NET code free of ties to third-party runtimes
  • Extensible and customizable solution
  • 100% of VB6 code is migrated to .NET automatically

Partner Program Execution Model

Your organization will provide the services and solution to the customer. ArtinSoft will license the migration tool and provide support in the conversion process.

Execution Model
Figure1 - Execution Model


How to Engage with ArtinSoft once you become a Partner?

ArtinSoft Partner Program drives Partner success with top-of-the-line tools and support in the different stages of the software migration business. The main processes covered and supported by our program are:

How the Program Works
Figure 2 - How the Program Works

Commercial Deployment


You will learn the key information about ArtinSoft’s VB6 to .NET migration tool in order to offer a value proposition to your customers.

Target Audience:

Sales, Presales and CTO in regional offices.


Three remote sessions, one hour each session:

  • Session 1 – About our value proposition as partners for your customers – Sales and business development oriented, but also recommended for presales/technical teams.
  • Session 2 – About our automatic migration tool and its capabilities within a migration project – Presales/technical oriented, but also recommended for sales people.
  • Session 3 – VBUC demo and learn how to perform a demo for your customers – Presales/technical oriented.

Technical Training


To learn how to use the migration tool (VBUC) and how to perform the manual changes required to finish the migration

Target Audience:

Partner’s Center of Excellence Team (Project Managers, Developers, QA team, etc.)


Learn how to use the migration tool (VBUC) and how to finish the migration performing the required manual changes on the resulting code.

There are two options:

  • 40-hour on-site training
  • 20-hour web-based training.

Sales/Marketing Activities

As part of your demand generation efforts, we can coordinate joint sales and marketing activities such as:

  • Webinars
  • VB6 migration campaigns
  • Road shows
  • Newsletters
  • Others

Leads Management

Once you have a lead in your sales pipeline, you can complement your best commercial practices with our tools and know-how:

  • Complement your sales efforts with our sales collaterals (Partner Sales Kit)
  • We can support you with sales presentations, demos and others
  • Complement your estimate effort by running our Assessment Tool, which will give you important technical information about the application to migrate
  • Until your team is fully trained, we can help you with ballpark estimates based on the results of our Assessment Tool

We will also create a collaboration site so both companies will be able to share important information. In this collaboration site you will be able to:

  • Download the Partner Sales Kit
  • Register your leads so we can follow them up and support you

Licensing Model

Our migration tool is licensed to the Partner to execute the project and deliver the solution to the customer. Licensing fees are based on the size (lines of code) of the applications to migrate, the target language (C# or VB.NET) and the support pack. As a Partner, you will acquire our migration product at special discounted prices.

Project Execution

When execution a migration project, you will have a package of support hours available, according to the license you have purchased. We will also share with you our Partner Execution Kit, where you will find specialized documentation such as technical references, guidelines and white papers.

In the collaboration site mentioned before, you will be able to:

  • Register a request for support
  • Download the Partner Execution Kit

What support does ArtinSoft provide to its Partners?

As mentioned before, technical and pre-sales support, commercial deployment for your sales and presales teams, technical training for your center of excellence/development team, co-marketing programs, campaigns, sales collaterals and specialized documentation are available for partners. All benefits and obligations will be established in the partnership agreement, or seen on a case-by-case basis.

Partner supported by ArtinSoft
Figure 3 - Partner supported by ArtinSoft

What training is required to become an effective Partner?

It is highly recommended for every Partner to receive a 5-day technical training course in ArtinSoft's product.

Is evaluation software available?

Yes. There are trial versions available for your internal evaluation.

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