South African ISV painlessly ensures business continuity by licensing ArtinSoft’s Visual Basic Upgrade Companion

MDA Property Systems contracted ArtinSoft to enhance its conversion application for automated migration. MDA Property Systems purchased the right to use the tool and then used the enhanced conversion application to convert a Visual Basic 6 application to Visual Basic .Net (2005). This was an important exercise for MDA Property Systems as it increased their core business application’s life span by an estimated 10 years. With over 600,000 lines of code, a limited development team, a quick and low risk turnaround required, the application could not be rewritten. ArtinSoft’s automated software migration technology successfully migrated the code to new the technology, achieving the following results:

  • Through automatic migration, all ties to proprietary technologies were eliminated.
  • The new application’s performance successfully complied with the MDA’s expectations.
  • The company managed to rescue valuable business rules that were trapped within a proprietary technology.
  • The maintenance costs for the new application were drastically reduced.
  • The code resulting from the migration is completely maintainable.

Not only was their solution technically competent, but the development team at ArtinSoft was a pleasure to deal with. They communicated effectively despite the barriers in location, delivered on time and offered outstanding support.

ArtinSoft exceeded our expectations.


Rodger Beadle
Technical Director
MDA Property Systems
Cape Town, South Africa