About ArtinSoft Corporation

With over fifteen years of experience, ArtinSoft has proven to be a key player in corporate evolution, by allowing companies from all over the world to ensure business continuity through software migration solutions. Created upon principles of artificial intelligence –thus the name ArtinSoft– and a relentless passion for innovation, the company that started as an academic venture in Costa Rica is now a global leader holding an exceptional record of real world migration projects.

Our portfolio includes a variety of highly sophisticated tools, such as the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC), the Java Language Conversion Assistant Companion (JLCA) and the Informix to Java migration tool, all of which enable organizations to recover years of intellectual and financial investment. Not only can these products be customized to better fit your needs, but also complemented with different training, technical support and consulting packages.

We received the privilege of being named “Microsoft’s preferred supplier of software migration solutions for customers”, after developing the kit of migration products used to convert legacy applications to new languages based on the .NET platform, provided by Microsoft in Visual Studio .NET.

Naturally, none of this would be possible without a team of unparalleled talent, focused on identifying potential opportunities and materialize them in first level IT solutions. That is why in 2007, and driven by our distinctive inventive spirit, ArtinSoft Corporation took a decisive turn by splitting into two divisions: ArtinSoft Enterprise Migration Solutions and ArtinSoft Developer Products.

The first division directs its efforts on the development and marketing of migration solutions. The latest version of VBUC, for instance, was made available worldwide in April 2008 and includes hundreds of enhancements as well as never-before-seen features, including a brand new graphic user interface (GUI), seamless integration with Visual Studio 2008, C# generation and code refactoring, among others.

At present time, ArtinSoft Corporation remains a private firm in constant growth through a strategic partner network, always looking for the next big opportunity to help companies and developers move away from technological obsolescence and smoothly step into the future.