VB6 and ASP Assessment Tool How-To

Running the VB6 and ASP Assessment Tool is easy by following these steps:

1. Run LOCCounter.exe from the directory where you extracted the zip file

2. Once the User Interface comes up, you need to enter the following information

  • Name: A name to associate to the analysis.
  • Source Path: Root directory for the Visual Basic 6.0 projects and ASP files to analyze.
  • Output Path: The target directory where the assessment reports will be generated. The VB/ASP Assessment Tool will create this directory if it doesn’t exist.

3. Press the Analyze button to start the assessment process.

The Tool will then parse the files and gather statistics about the application

4. Once the assessment finishes, it will open a new browser window with the reports

From here you can browse the Summary, the VB6 Projects, VB6 Files, ASP Project and ASP Files reports, as well as a list of References between both binary components and the projects included in the analysis.

5. In addition to those, it is also possible to open the reports using Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

To do so, click on the Xml Spreadsheet link at the top of any of the reports: