Tom Button Joins ArtinSoft Board of Directors

2/26/2009 ArtinSoft Update /

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - February 26, 2009 - ArtinSoft announced today that software development strategist Tom Button has joined the company as a Board member and product development consultant.

A former executive with Microsoft Corporation, Button retired from Microsoft in 2007 after a remarkable career. During his first 15 years with the company, Button led many of Microsoft's most prominent developer tools businesses, including Visual Basic from concept to its peak as one of the most popular development tools in the world. As Corporate Vice President of Microsoft's Developer Division, Button led the development and launch of Visual Studio, The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), and Microsoft's startup effort in the enterprise tools space (launched as Visual Studio Team System).

In addition, Button managed development of various programming and scripting technologies, including Visual Basic for Applications, VBScript, and Microsoft Office Developer Edition. In 2003, Button was tapped to serve as Corporate Vice President of worldwide product management and marketing for Microsoft Windows, where he unified and rebuilt the Windows' marketing organization and led the creation of several innovative partner co-marketing efforts, including the Windows Marketplace - for which he was awarded a variety of eCommerce related patents. Following an interest in location based services, Button's final role at Microsoft was CVP of Platform Strategy, in which he directed the creation of Microsoft's longest-term opportunity map and product strategy.

Since leaving Microsoft, Button has served as advisor to a variety of companies across a wide range of categories from networking to developer tools to location based services.

Button will now share his expertise with ArtinSoft in the development and marketing of their software products for Web development and source migration automation.

"Two years ago, we decided to apply our expertise in software development technology to create a new generation of products that will help developers extend the reach of their software and services, transforming their existing code to reach new platforms and meet new customer needs with a minimum of new development cost", said Carlos Araya, Executive Vice President and Lead Technology Director of ArtinSoft. "Mr. Button completes the re-structuring of our Board of Directors and we are looking forward to the rejuvenation of ArtinSoft's product and marketing strategies to position us well for the next generation of opportunities", he added.