ArtinSoft Presents Aggiorno, a Powerful Tool that Maximizes Website Efficiency

10/3/2008 ArtinSoft Update /

Redmond, WA. - October 5 2008 - ArtinSoft Corp. today announced the release of Aggiorno (, a web assistant tool that analyzes websites and performs an outstanding number of time-saving code transformations. Aggiorno improves the quality and reach of websites without affecting content or code indentation.

"Version 1 of Aggiorno comes bundled with a collection of incredibly powerful aggiornings specially selected for turning any existing website into a valid, standards compliant, well-structured one; in this way it becomes easier to find, faster and more easily maintainable" explained Federico Zoufaly, Product Manager of Aggiorno. "Aggiorno understands even the most complex websites, and can transform them almost automatically so that they comply with today's best practices. By making source code easier to deal with and change, Aggiorno can save days worth of hard work with just a few clicks."

Aggiorno Version 1 includes new aggiornings with encapsulated knowledge in the form of automatic transformations that will get your website to:

  • Embrace the new standards
  • Improve search engine optimization
  • Comply with industry accessibility requirements
  • Improve downloading and rendering performance
  • Comply with CSS Guidelines
  • Keep up with the industry experts

Aggiorno is a productivity tool that saves web developers precious time from day one by making web pages load faster, be more accessible, comply with W3C standards and much more.

"As you gain confidence with the tool's results, Aggiorno can increasingly perform for you larger and more complex tasks to help you evolve large code basis without declining on safety or quality", said Zoufaly. "Future aggiornings will focus on themes such as Internet Explorer 8 new features, conversion of Table layouts to CSS in order to improve your daily workflow with lots more encapsulated knowledge".

Aggiorno's Chief Goal: Help Expert Knowledge Reach a Wider Public Designed with no prerequisites in mind beyond basic web development skills, Aggiorno will make a web developer's knowledge grow as they focus on business results rather than technical issues. "Beyond these features that are the focus of Version 1 (cleaning up the web), Aggiorno is a platform to deliver encapsulated executable knowledge right in the hands of the web developer; immediately providing increased productivity and business value," said Carlos Araya, CEO of ArtinSoft Research Corp.

"If you create software development tools, you'll want to consider building on the Visual Studio 2008 Shell. A streamlined Visual Studio development environment, the Visual Studio 2008 Shell provides the core foundation so you can focus on building your application's unique features. Aggiorno, the new Web assistant tool released by ArtinSoft, is one of the first commercial tools that works in the isolated mode of the Visual Studio 2008 Shell," said Matt Carter, Group Product Manager for Visual Studio, Developer Division at Microsoft Corp.

The Aggiorno web assistant tool can be used as a stand alone or as a Visual Studio plug-in. You may also choose one of the free downloads of express aggiorning that are tuned to specific tasks.

For more information about Aggiorno and to download a free trial please visit